DOI: 10.22184/1993-7296.FRos.2019.13.7.634.640

Direct laser deposition is an advanced technology for the production of complex large-­sized products from a wide range of alloys, including alloys based on titanium and nickel. During the deposition process an uneven field of residual stresses and strains is formed in manufactured parts, which has a significant effect on long-term strength and performance. The analysis of the stress-­strain state of the wall of VT6 titanium alloy obtained by direct laser deposition was carried out. The paper presents the results obtained numerically using finite element method and experimentally using neutron diffraction method. It was found that at the edges of the deposited wall near the substrate, a region is formed where all three components of the stress field are tensile. Moreover, normal plastic strains in this area are also tensile and reach 2.5–3%, and normal stresses exceed the yield strength by 25%. Longitudinal tensile stresses are close to the yield strength along the entire length of the last few layers at the top of the buildup.


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