DOI: 10.22184/1993-7296.FRos.2020.14.5.442.460

The results of a comprehensive study of the effect of pulsed light irradiation on seed germination, plant growth and green mass yield are presented. The objects of research included 8 vegetable, medicinal and oil-bearing plants. A hypothesis was put forward that it is necessary to develop differentiated modes of light irradiation of plants (repetition period and pulse duration). It has been found that the effect of pulsed irradiation largely depends on the genetic characteristics of the objects. The most favorable and worst irradiation regimes were found in comparison with dark germination for plant productivity. Chlorophyll fluorescence parameters differ when exposed to pulsed light in the second and millisecond ranges. Analysis of the total antioxidant activity (TAOA) of green mass (microgreens) also showed significant differences depending on the genetic nature of the plant.


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