DOI: 10.22184/1993-7296.FRos.2023.

To study the nature of greenhouse gas variations, a hardware and software complex has been created, consisting of the 52.5‑meter laser strainmeter, the 17.5‑meter laser strainmeter, the laser nanobarograph and the mobile laboratory Research Vessel “Professor Gagarinsky”, consisting of an atmochemical measuring complex (Picarro gas analyzer), the complex of meteorological instruments on the upper deck of the bridge, the vessel’s gas analysis laboratory and the flow-through system. When processing experimental data on variations of deformations of the upper layer of the Earth’s crust and variations of atmospheric pressure at Shultz Cape, and in the analysis of variations of methane, carbon dioxide and water vapor in the near-water atmosphere on the shelf of the Sea of Japan at a distance of about 2 km from Shultz Cape, general patterns were established in the behavior of the studied parameters of the upper layer of the Earth’s crust and the near-water layer of the atmosphere in the infragravity range. The general powerful oscillations with periods from 7 min 59.1 s to 7 min 45.5 s, 28 min 28.8 s, from 30 min 07.6 s to 31 min 59.1 are identified, the primary source of which can be associated with both atmospheric processes and the main (radial) tone of the Earth’s own vibrations 0S0.


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