DOI: 10.22184/1993-7296.FRos.2023.

A procedure for developing a detection method using a passive optoelectronic system of an unmanned aircraft against a complex background formed by atmospheric radiation in the far infrared range (8–13 microns) is proposed. The atmospheric background on which the unmanned aircraft is detected is formed by the radiation of the cloudy atmosphere when observed from the Earth’s surface. Of particular interest is the complex background created by cumulus clouds of different scores or other classes of clouds with discontinuities. The following assumptions are accepted: a short-­focus optoelectronic system has a wide field of view, video information about the artifact and background characteristics is presented in binary form. The processed video stream is a two-dimensional array, the elements of which contain information about the level of energy brightness of radiation in the selected direction. The emphasis is on the need to monitor changes in the structure of the emitting background and the absence of the need to process each frame of the video stream.


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