Optical communications technology is rapidly evolving to meet the ever-growing demand for ubiquitous connectivity and higher data rates. As signaling rates increase and modulation schemes become more complex, guaranteeing a high-fidelity optical transmission medium is becoming even more critical. Additionally, modern networks are relying more on photonic integrated circuits (PICs) based on silicon photonics or other developing technologies, introducing additional variables into the design and deployment of robust high bandwidth optical systems. Measurement and full characterization of loss along the light path is a fundamental tool in the design and optimization of these components and fiber optic networks. The review considers the difference in optical reflectometry methods. The advantages of optical backscatter reflectometry (OBR) are presented for a number of applications, including short fiber networks and PIC.

DOI: 10.22184/1993-7296.FRos.2019.13.5.452.460


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