The paper presents the results of study of crystals Li₂₋₂ₓZn₂₊ₓ (MoO₄)₃, doped with europium, copper and titanium ions. The photoluminescence spectra are recorded and the photoluminescence lifetimes are calculated. It is shown that the doping of Li₂₋₂ₓZn₂₊ₓ (MoO₄)₃ crystals with europium, copper, and titanium ions leads to an increase in the luminescence intensity with a maximum at a wavelength near 520nm. For Li₂₋₂ₓZn₂₊ₓ (MoO₄)₃: Eu crystals, a photoluminescence spectrum due to europium transitions was recorded and the corresponding lifetimes were calculated to be 0.57 and 3.4ms. Based on the analysis of the angular dependences of the EPR spectra of Li₂₋₂ₓZn₂₊ₓ (MoO₄)₃: Cu crystals, it was established that copper ions enter the structure in the Сu²⁺ state and occupy the position of magnesium with the formation of an oxygen vacancy to provide charge compensation. The parameters of the EPR spectra of copper ions are calculated.

DOI: 10.22184/1993-7296.2018.12.7.672.679


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