DOI: 10.22184/1993-7296.FRos.2022.16.6.476.482

The article is devoted to the improvement of previously developed methods of satellite spectrophotometric control of volumes of hydrocarbon gases burned in flares by assessing and registering an increase in the content of trace gases in the atmosphere. A new method for determining the volumes of gases NO2 and SO2 emitted into the atmosphere during the combustion of associated hydrocarbon gas is proposed. To implement the proposed method, an on-board IR spectroradiometer VIIRS and an on-board spectroradiometer of the OMI type or other similar devices can be used. Before calculating the concentrations of gases NO2 and SO2 emitted into the atmosphere, the source of their occurrence is to be determined: whether the results of spectrophotometric measurements relate exclusively to the flaring of the associated hydrocarbon gas or to the operation of diesel engines. Using the detection criterion in the form of the ratio of the initially calculated values of the volumes NO2 and SO2, the source of the emission is determined: Based on belong of the sources to the associated hydrocarbon gas flaring or to the operation of diesel engines, the measurement results will contribute to the monitoring of oil and gas production zones where significant anomalies in the concentration of trace gases are observed.


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