DOI: 10.22184/1993-7296.FRos.2022.

The article describes methods of geometric calibration of optoelectronic devices (OED) and ways to improve its accuracy. The results are used for the geometric calibration of the Earth remote sensing OED, the optical system of which is focused to infinity, and the image is formed by “stitching” images formed by several photodetectors. To expand the technological capabilities of calibration equipment, it is proposed to use a digital micromirror device (DMD) to form a test object, which allows you to create almost any shape and size of a test object pattern for the tasks of OED calibration. The geometric calibration of the layout of the multi-­matrix OED using different methods of forming a reference bunch of vectors: sequential projection of the grid intersection with the theodolite onto the focal plane of the OED layout, test objects in the form of an array of points made by lithography on a glass substrate, and a test object formed by a DMD device. The features of mathematical processing for each method of forming a reference bunch of vectors are described. The estimation of the error of the geometric calibration of the OED model, performed with various methods of setting the reference bunch of vectors, was carried out: when using theodolite – ​0.48"; array of points on a glass substrate – ​0.21" and formed DMD – ​0.09".


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