DOI: 10.22184/1993-7296.FRos.2021.15.7.578.590

Paramagnetic contributions to the Verdet constants were measured in optical fibers whose cores are doped with paramagnetic impurities Gd+3 (0.4 at. %) and Tb+3 (1 at. %). It is established that the linear dependence of the Verdet constant on small concentrations of paramagnetic impurities in the optical fiber core requires nonlinear corrections when the concentrations significantly exceed 1–2 at. %. This phenomenon is explained by the formation of exchange pairs of ions of paramagnetic impurities, exchange triples, etc., the probability of which has the same dependence on the concentration of paramagnetic impurities. Exchange pairs of magnetic moments enhance the effect of the magnetic field on the sample and are the precursors of magnetic domains in ferromagnetic materials.


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