DOI: 10.22184/1993-7296.FRos.2021.

The results of experimental studies of the macro- and microstructure, chemical and phase composition of a cermet alloy based on titanium are presented. The material is intended for laser methods of additive manufacturing using direct metal deposition. For analysis, samples were obtained with a ceramic powder content of 5 and 10 vol. % SiC. The introduction of ceramic particles turned out to be effective for refining the alloy grains. The grain size of pure titanium is about 3.5 mm, while the grain size of titanium reinforced with silicon carbide at a radiation power of 1400 W was 50 and 14 μm for 5 and 10% SiC, respectively. As a result of the introduction of ceramic particles into the titanium matrix, the microhardness of the composite material increases, the hardening increases, but the embrittlement of the material also increases due to the violation of the integrity of the material and the occurrence of a reaction at the phase boundary.


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