DOI: 10.22184/1993-7296.FRos.2021.

The results of a comprehensive assessment of the operational reliability of a modular cabin with active protection against the effects of laser radiation are presented. The work was carried out in two stages. At the initial stage, a computational and experimental two-level technique was developed and implemented in practice, including, at the first level, determining the response time of the emergency protection system against laser radiation in a modular cabin with a continuous laser generator with a fiber optic system operating with a maximum power of 6 kW. At the second level, the stress state and bearing capacity of the elements of the modular cabin were assessed. The advantages of a modular cabin in terms of equipping with protection means are shown over protective cabins of a conventional (without active protection) design. At the final stage, after two-level studies, the reliability of the protection of the modular cabin from reflected and scattered radiation during laser technological processes was assessed.


Разработка: студия Green Art