DOI: 10.22184/1993-7296.FRos.2020.14.7.586.599

In the present paper we propose a concept of a new type of holographic optical element. Such an optical element will represent a hologram recorded by stitching of several elementary fields. In this case, the following parameters may change in each elementary field: the groove profile depth or refractive index modulation amplitude; the shape of groove or fringe profile; grooves / fringes frequency; curvature of the grooves / fringes and their period non-uniformity parameters. In the resulting composite element such characteristics as diffraction efficiency, spectral and angular selectivity, polarization, dispersion and aberration properties can be controlled locally. The use of such elements will make it possible to create new optoelectronic devices with improved performance. On an example of spectrograph design for the visible domain of 400–800 nm it is shown that the use of such an element allows to reduce aberrations by up to 2.14 times and to increase the root-mean-square value of the diffraction efficiency up to 1.47 times.


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