From 23 to 29 August, the International Military-Technical Forum "Army-2020" was held in the Patriot Park near Moscow (Kubinka, Moscow Region). The exhibition accompanying the forum reflected the prospects for the development of special equipment and revealed the potential for investment. The development of technologies and state policy in the field of state defense orders, changes in the demands of consumers of military products and trade wars change the balance of supply and demand for the main types of products for the defense industry. The exposition demonstrated the ongoing changes in the structure of the military equipment market.

The innovatively active companies exhibiting their products varied in size. Along with vertically integrated companies, the forum was attended by medium-sized companies with competent business. This reflects the assumption that the monopoly position of super-large companies is being replaced by medium-sized companies that create subsystems and equipment for military equipment modules. The transition to modular systems is fraught with great competitive advantages. It makes it easier to connect systems and components manufactured in different geographic locations and allows for rapid technology changes.


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