Modern microminiature digital photo and video cameras are built according to the principles typical for the facet eye of insects. The desire to increase the number and size of the pixels used by the photomatrix obviously has technological limitations that determine the information capacity of the system. At the same time, there are theoretical limitations of information capacity. First of all, these are diffraction limitations that determine the limit of spatial resolution for micro-optical systems. In addition, these are energy limitations related to the signal-to-noise ratio during exposure. In the article these factors limiting the information capacity of the system are considered and formulas are obtained that allow to determine the rational combination of parameters of the facet optoelectronic system and calculate its information capacity taking into account the noted limitations. The parameters of known foreign developments are close to those calculated by the above formulas.

DOI: 10.22184/1993-7296.FRos.2019.


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