DOI: 10.22184/1993-7296.FRos.2024.

The milestones are reviewed and a bibliometric analysis of the research development in the field of quantum information processing in 1990–2020 is performed. The focus is on the global publication of research papers, productivity of certain countries and organizations, and international scientific cooperation. By means of bibliometric indicators, the following areas are considered: dynamic development of the area, a high concentration degree of research and international academic networking, participation of large-­scale corporations in such networks along with the universities and academic institutions, especially from Japan and military research entities, primarily from the USA. Russia is characterized by the following: a high concentration of research in the metropolitan agglomerations and its significant internationalization; significant contribution of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the growing role of universities in the development of the scientific base of quantum technologies, as well as the still weak involvement of the Russian commercial sector in the research activities. The data sources for analysis have been the bibliographic databases: Web of Science Core Collection and SCOPUS.


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