DOI: 10.22184/1993-7296.FRos.2023.17.8.622.631

The most important parameter of an ion thruster, affecting its performance and service life, is the gap between the screen and the accelerating and decelerating grids of the ion optics unit. During operation of the ion thruster, the gap is changed due to the heating and thermal expansion of the grids. Awareness of this gap in the hot grid is necessary for adequate assessment of the ion thrust operating parameters and service life. The paper considers a measuring system based on the direct shadow parallel light method. To register the grid position, the pins protruding above the grid surface are placed on them. The image is recorded by a telecentric lens that lowers the requirements for positioning accuracy of the measurement object. The illumination unit and the image acquisition unit are placed in the pressure-­tight housings that allow measurements to be performed in a vacuum chamber. The system has successfully passed the tests, the measurement results are given in the paper.


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