The article describes a number of new schemes designed to measure small angular displacements and oscillations, to modulate laser radiation, and also to filter the spectrum of optical radiation in the visible and infrared wavelengths. The operation of these schemes is based on the effects observed when a laser beam is reflected from deep diffractive relief structures with a rectangular profile, with a relief depth from a quarter of the wavelength to several wavelengths due to laser radiation. The applications of these devices are varied. For example, sensors of small angular displacements and vibrations can be used in the study of vibrations and in the design of seismometers and tiltmeters. A mechanically driven modulator operates in the low-frequency modulation region, but can provide analogue modulation of the radiation power with different modulation depths from zero to one hundred percent. Optical filters built on the basis of deep relief reflective structures have oscillating dependences of the transmission coefficient on the wavelength. It is possible to select parameters in such a way that the filter has a zero transmission coefficient at a given wavelength and a transmission coefficient close to unity in another given area. The advantages of a filter of this type can be attributed simply to its production and the possibility of realigning the spectral characteristics of the filter within wide limits.

DOI: 10.22184/1993-7296.FRos.2019.13.4.392.404


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